VAT Tips

Tips to help with your VAT

Mention VAT and most business owners groan at the thought. But if you stick to good accounting practices, VAT doesn’t have to be the headache. Below are a few simple steps which will help you get your VAT under control.

Tools for remote working

5 must have tools to run your business remotely

Not so long ago the office was a place where everyone went to work, usually 9am to 5pm if you were lucky and included a long commute on either end. Today however, things have changed and continue to do so. The office is wherever you want it to be and there’s no longer a need for everyone to be in the same one.

Time management

Time management tips for small businesses

As a small business owner, it might seem like you’re working 30 hour days every day of the week without rest. With more and more to do and less time to do it, becoming burned out is a common concern for many business owners who are working hard to grow their businesses and succeed. While working less is not an option for today’s small business owner, working more efficiently is.