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About Us.

We thought you might like to get to know the amazing bookkeepers who could be working with you.

Who ?

We’re a small business. Perfectly formed but small nonetheless. We’re tech geeks who get ridiculously excited over small updates or new software. It’s quite embarrassing really. We love numbers, structure and order. Yep, we’re slightly OCD too! That’s why we’re bookkeepers, not just any bookkeepers mind you, we’re awesome at what we do.

What do

We make sure you and your business is fully equipped to be awesome yourselves. We make sure you have the most reliable, up to date financial data possible, the best accounting systems available and a great team of bookkeepers who have your back and best interests at heart.

Who do

We help as many small businesses, sole traders, startups and freelancers as we possibly can. We feel your pain, know what you’re going through and can relate on every level. We’re all in this together.

Meet the


Managing Director
I love
Animals (especially dogs), The great outdoors, Photography

I hate
Musicals, Reality TV, Fish

I prefer
Tea to coffee, Milk chocolate to dark, Getting up early to staying up late

Two truths and a lie
I’ve been involved in a police car chase, bungee jumped off the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, and have set myself on fire.


Finance Director
I love
Chocolate, Harry Potter, Photography

I hate
Injections, cold food, mushrooms

I prefer
Gin to wine, Staying in to going out, Mac’s to PC’s

Two truths and a lie
I’ve trekked through the jungle in Borneo, I’ve served lunch to Leeds United football team, and I’m a qualified ski instructor.


what some of our lovely clients have to say

As someone that travels a lot for work, I used to get so stressed out trying to manage my receipts and make sense of reconciling expenses. Wendy and Faye took all of that off my hands and made it as simple as ‘one click.’ They’re the kindest, most proactive bookkeepers who put efficiency and value at the forefront of everything they do. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Alex Ruhl

We’ve worked with Wendy and Faye since 2015.  Since starting they’ve helped us go from an old computer, the odd spreadsheet and lots of paper, to having a fully digital accounting system we can access anywhere, remote working and meetings and paperless bookkeeping, totally transforming the way we work and the information we have available to run our company.  

Steve Angle

Managing Director, Right Angle Marketing (York) Ltd

We’ve been working with The Counting House since 2018 and are delighted with the professional yet personal approach. Their systematic and process driven style is both refreshing and very thorough.  Wendy and Faye have worked hard to understand our business and I really love their approach to improving processes.  Our bookkeeping is in good hands!

Chris Salisbury

We are so happy we entrusted The Counting House with bookkeeping needs.  Nothing is too much trouble and they are always willing to help.  Their involvement has allowed us to spend more time with customers or on project work which is where we excel, the everyday ‘necessary’ stuff we know is now taken care of.

Paul Braithwaite

Managing Director, Nor-rak Systems Ltd

The Counting House care as much about my company as I do, and in truth, we couldn’t manage without them. If you want to work with someone who is proactive, innovative and has the interest of your business at heart, then you should speak to Wendy and Faye to see how they can add value to your business.

Phil Barber

Managing Director, SNX Ltd

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Chris Salisbury


Our clients are the most important part of our business

We care wholeheartedly about the clients we work with and treat your companies as we would our own.

We always go the extra mile in thinking about your needs, in caring about your company and problems, in surprising and delighting you.

We work to be the very best at what we do

We strive to be experts at what we do. We’ll never stop learning, testing, measuring, and experimenting.

Everything we do is always a work in progress which can and will be improved, constantly, including us!

Be generous and genuine in everything we do

We love to share ideas and information with others so everyone can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

We are straight talking and use plain english so we’re easy to understand, even with our Yorkshire accents.


All our bookkeepers are AAT qualified

We’re registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 and are GDPR compliant

We’re fully insured

We’re registered with HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering

Now its your turn!

We’ve told you about us, now it’s your turn. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.