Catch up bookkeeping services

Have your finances slipped out of control?

Get financial clarity, bring your records up to date and find out exactly where your business stands financially.

Catch up bookkeeping York

Are your companies finances out of hand?
Worrying about the state of your books can be overwhelming and stressful. Poorly kept accounts can impact decision making and result in fines and regulatory issues.

We help businesses like yours to build a clear picture of your financial health

Reasons to use our catch up bookkeeping services

Catch up bookkeeping York


We use the latest bookkeeping technology to make the catch-up process as efficient and accurate as possible. It's about using the right tools to ensure precision and speed in updating your financial records.

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Professional yet approachable

Our team combines professionalism with a friendly approach, making the process smooth and understandable for our clients.

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Simplifying finances

We excel at breaking down complex financial information into clear, understandable terms, ensuring you have a transparent view of your financial situation.

Xero catch up bookkeeping

The Counting House makes your bookkeeping easy. If you find your business’s bookkeeping needs a comprehensive update, we are equipped with the expertise, technology, and personalised approach to get your financial records current and accurate. This ensures you have a solid foundation for making informed business decisions moving forward.

3 steps to catch up bookeeping with The Counting House

Catch-up bookkeeping can be a game-changer for businesses that have fallen behind on their financial tracking. We offer outsourced bookkeeping services, specialise in Xero and offer payroll services.

Number 1 - Catch Up Bookkeeping Services

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If you're happy with your proposal, we begin the onboarding process. Depending on your circumstances and what's involved, onboarding usually takes between 2 - 4 weeks.​

Number 2.1 - Catch Up Bookkeeping Services

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If we both think we're a good fit, then we move onto a proposal meeting. Every company is different and here we build a service which is unique to you and your business.

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If you're happy with your proposal, we begin the onboarding process. Depending on your circumstances and what's involved, onboarding usually takes between 2 - 4 weeks.

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Why businesses trust The Counting House with catch up bookkeeping.

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All our bookkeepers are AAT qualified

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We’re fully insured


We’re registered with HMRC for Anti-Money Laundering


We’re registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 and are GDPR compliant

Consequences of neglecting bookkeeping

Letting your bookkeeping fall by the wayside can lead to significant challenges for your business, affecting everything from financial health to operational efficiency. Here are the pitfalls of not keeping your books up to date:

Lack of financial clarity

Without current and accurate financial records, making informed decisions becomes nearly impossible. This lack of clarity can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Risk of penalties and audits

Falling behind on bookkeeping increases the risk of errors in tax filings and financial reports, potentially leading to audits and penalties that can hurt your bottom line.

Uncertain cash flow

Inadequate bookkeeping obscures your view of the company’s cash flow, making it difficult to manage expenses and plan for the future, which could lead to financial instability.

Barriers to growth

The uncertainty and inefficiencies from neglected bookkeeping can hinder your ability to plan for growth, secure financing, or invest in new opportunities, keeping your business from reaching its full potential.

Unlocking success with catch up bookkeeping services

Catching up on your bookkeeping can transform your business operations, paving the way for success and stability. Here’s the positive impact our catch-up bookkeeping services can have on your business:

Informed strategic decisions

With up-to-date and accurate books, you gain clear insights into your business finances, empowering you to make strategic, data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.


Guaranteed compliance

Proper bookkeeping ensures that you’re always prepared for tax season, minimising the risk of audits and penalties. This compliance brings confidence and peace of mind, knowing your financial obligations are in order.

Stable cash management

Regular, accurate bookkeeping provides a transparent view of your cash flow, enabling effective management of incoming and outgoing funds, which is crucial for operational stability.


Foundation for growth

With financial clarity and stability, your business is well-positioned to explore new growth opportunities. Whether it’s securing loans or investing in new ventures, up-to-date books open doors to future success.

Why Xero is our choice for catch up bookkeeping services

For catch-up bookkeeping services, we highly recommend Xero for its unparalleled ease and efficiency. Its cloud-based nature allows for flexible access to your financial data from anywhere, simplifying the process of bringing your books up to date.

Moreover, Xero’s automation features streamline tedious tasks, and its seamless integration with other tools ensures adaptability to your business needs. This blend of accessibility and efficiency makes Xero ideal for maintaining accurate financial records.

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Looking for catch up bookkeeping services in York? We work locally and nationally.

FAQs for catch up bookkeeping services

Catch up bookkeeping is the process of updating your financial records to current status from a previous period where transactions were not recorded or fully processed. It involves organising financial documents, recording past transactions, and reconciling bank statements to ensure your financial reports accurately reflect your business’s financial health.

The duration of catch-up bookkeeping depends on the volume of transactions and the period that needs updating. Our team at The Counting House works efficiently to update your books as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Absolutely! Having your books up to date is crucial for accurate tax filing. Catch up bookkeeping ensures that all financial transactions are accurately recorded, making tax preparation smoother and helping to avoid penalties for inaccuracies or late submissions.

Regular bookkeeping is key to financial health. We recommend updating your financial records at least monthly. This frequency helps prevent the backlog of transactions and keeps you informed about your business’s financial standing, enabling better decision-making.

Yes, after we’ve brought your books up to date, we offer ongoing bookkeeping services to keep your financial records accurate and timely. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid future catch-up scenarios and ensures continuous clarity of your business’s financial health.

Certainly! Catch-up bookkeeping services can be seamlessly integrated with payroll services. This combination ensures that not only your financial records are up to date, but also that your payroll is processed accurately and in compliance with tax laws, providing a comprehensive solution to your financial management needs.

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