Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Don’t neglect your bookkeeping - outsource it!

Get your very own team of bookkeepers at a fraction of the cost of employing someone and never have to worry about keeping on top of your bookkeeping again.

Outsourced bookkeeping

No staff worries

Just a reliable remote team there when you need them.

Save money

It costs a fraction of employing an in-house bookkeeper.


You’ll be kept up to date with all the latest developments and technology.

What is outsourced bookkeeping?

We carry out our Foundation Bookkeeping for all our clients as an absolute minimum. This ensures that your purchases are dealt with and your bank is reconciled fully. It also means that your Cash Flow Forecast, Profit and Loss and your Balance Sheet will be correct. If you’re looking to outsource bookkeeping services then book a call today and let’s get your accounts reconciled the right way.

What's included in outsourced bookkeeping?

Bank reconciliation

To ensure you know your cash position, we will review and reconcile all the transactions in your bank accounts.

Purchase invoices

We take care of processing all your purchase invoices, ensuring they are correctly coded and recorded.


We ensure you record, claim and manage all your expenses and that of your team quickly and easily.

Year end preparation

At year end we double check your books and make sure everything thing is spick and span, then send them off to your Accountant.

Outsource your bookkeeping with The Counting House


We operate menu pricing so you can choose from our add-ons to fully personalise your service.

If you’re looking for outsourced bookkeepers then book a discovery call today.

How much does outsourced bookkeeping cost?

You and your business are unique, so we know our client solutions have to be unique too.  Because of that we don’t use packages, but instead offer menu pricing so your service is totally customised and personal to you and your company.  That way, you only pay for what you use and can adjust accordingly as you scale and grow.

An outsourced bookkeeper is much more cost effective than an in house bookkeeping team members.

Prices for outsourced bookkeeping

Other bookkeeping services we offer

Catch up bookkeeping

Our catch up bookkeeping service is designed for anyone who needs to bring their books and records up to dateWe can help whether your backlog is weeks, months or even longer.

Xero health check

If you use Xero already but aren’t sure how well your software is set up or functioning, we’ll carry out an in depth health check. You’ll then receive a full report of our findings and a checklist of actions to take. 

Xero migration

We can help you move all your accounts on to Xero, whatever your accounting software, excel spreadsheet or even if it’s all on paper!

Frequently asked questions about outsourced bookkeeping

Each business is different but there are a few standard tell tale signs.  When you’re too busy to get your sales invoices out.  When your customers aren’t being chased for overdue invoices.  When you’re really behind with your bookkeeping.  When things are becoming too complex.  When you know that you have no idea exactly where your business stands as you have no reliable financial data.  Any of these situations are a really good indication that it would be better to get professional help with your bookkeeping.

Absolutely not! As a business owner you’ll gain more control, having access to reliable data, you will have a better understanding of your financial status and be able to make better, more informed decisions.